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Disadvantages of Penis Enlargement Procedures

There are a couple of invasive ways to increase the girth of a penis. For example, penile augmentation is one of the most common penis enlargement procedures in the world, it’s also one of the safest. Penuma device is a bit more invasive than penile augmentation procedures and has different surgery principles in terms of granting a bigger appearance to the penis. Since all of these procedures are parts of the aesthetic world, the possible disadvantages of penis enlargement procedures are almost inevitable.

Penile augmentation is a common penis enlargement procedure, it promises a good result but it has some disadvantages. It can be so bad for an overweight man to undergo penile augmentation procedures. Some people suddenly lose some weight like Christian Bale. A standard penile augmentation procedure involves injection of fat cells under the skin of the penis. These fat cells are extracted from the same person’s body.

If this person should lose a high amount of weight in a considerably short time, he is so likely to lose some of the fat cells injected under the skin of his penis. This may cause his penis to lose some of the injected fat cells. Sudden weight gain does not make penis become grittier, but weight loss will cause reduce in fullness.

Penuma device is a medical-grade silicone put under the skin of the penis. This particular silicone pushes the penis to enlarge as long as it’s there. Penuma device procedure takers are supposed to have this implant under the skin of their penis for at least 6 months. During this time, the penis is expected to enlarge about 1-2 cm in total.

However, some people want to get it removed before the right time. They claim that it has reached its maximum potential and needs to be removed. Some surgeons warn them it’s not the right time but they may still insist. In such situations, if the penuma device is removed before the right time, the penis girth may return to its previous size.

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