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Does Penis Surgery Hurt?

There are numerous cosmetic procedures that involve the increase in the size of the penis. These procedures aim to increase the length and width of the penis with several methods. Most of these procedures are highly invasive and have their own risks. However, such surgical cosmetic procedures are believed to be the only ways to permanently increase the length and width of the penis. So, does penis surgery hurt? What are the side effects? Let’s take a look.

There is a couple of penis surgery that involves the change in the size of the penis. Here are the most common penis enlargement and extension procedures below:

  • Penis extension surgery
  • Penis enlargement ( girth ) surgery
  • Penile augmentation
  • Penuma device implantation

These cosmetic procedures can be performed in capable aesthetic clinics and hospitals. The most common penis extension procedure is the standard penis extension surgery and it’s considered the most invasive one among all the others.

All of these procedures are performed under local and sometimes general anesthesia. Each procedure has its own risks including swelling and inflammation. These complications are almost inevitable after such penis surgeries.

Most medical communities do not suggest such procedures, however, despite the possible risks, such procedures promise a good deal of success. There are many successful procedures whose before and after photos can be seen on the internet.

The success rate and recovery period of these procedures depend on the cases. Some people can even go to work a week after the surgeries while some are not even allowed to go outside for a month. However, the longest term complication is generally the loss of sensation.

Some people claim that they suffer from loss of sensation even a year after the penis surgery. However, no matter how long the loss of sensation stays, it will go away sooner or later.

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