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Getting Penile Enlargement During Covid-19

Penile Enlargement surgeries can be life-saving surgeries for some people. Especially men with penis size smaller than 10 cm can have a better quality of sexual life with penile enlargement procedures. So, is now a good time to have penile surgery? Is it safe to have such an operation, especially when the effects of Covid-19 have swept the whole world?

The demand for penis enlargement surgeries was increasing every year. But with the spread of Covid-19, the interest in penile enlargement surgeries decreased, as in all other cosmetic surgeries. We’ve had days where people didn’t even leave their homes to avoid getting infected. Then, with the discovery of the vaccine and taking all the necessary precautions, people started to leave their homes. With the opening of travels, the number of those who want to have penile enlargement surgeries has increased again.

Covid-19 Precautions In Hospitals

Plastic surgeries such as penis enlargement can be done safely. Considering the precautions taken in hospitals and operating rooms, there is no risk of Covid-19 undergoing such surgeries. Below you can find some of the measures taken in hospitals against Covid-19.

  • In the last seven days, social distance restrictions, personal protection regulations, masks, and hand hygiene have all been observed without incident.
  • You and your family have shown no signs of Covid-19 in the last 15 days and have had no contact with people who are Covid-19 positive.
  • The PCR test will be negative two days before the surgical date. Before the procedure, you will be quarantined at home for a week.
  • Until the day of operation and discharge, visitors will not be permitted.

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