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Homemade Penis Oil

There are several methods that people try their best to provide some extra inches on the size of their penis. From growth pills to penis extenders, from stretchers to invasive surgeries, so many methods are tried out by people who are desperate because they think that the size of their penis is not so big. Some people even try homemade penis oil which they think could be effective in granting the skin of penis an extra inch.

There are three different types of oil that people find effective for every trouble they experience. For example, people use these oils as a remedy for their hair loss. Especially avocado oil is very famous for its ingredients which helps the scalp to feed the hair strands well.

But, what about the penis size? Do avocado oil or olive oil increase the size of the penis? Are they effective on granting the penis a couple of inches or they are all just urban legends? Let’s take a closer look at those.

Are They Any Effective

We would like to tell you that, experts are still not sure about if avocado or olive oil any effect on increasing the size of a penis. Of course, we can hear some success stories from all over the world, but none of them can be based on a possible success from these oils.

All we can say about these natural oils that, they are not dangerous to use. There is no proof that they are success-approved but since they are not dangerous to your health as well, you are welcome to use them without any concern. What we think about the penis enlargement situation is that we don’t believe that none of the non-invasive methods can be effective in granting extra size to your penis.

The only possible and successful way to increase the size of a penis is an invasive surgery. You should prefer one of the most common invasive surgeries to provide a bigger size to your penis. Penuma device implant and the traditional penis surgery that involves the cutting of the connective tissue are the best you can find.

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