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Penile Extenders – Everything You Need to Know

Penile extenders are one of the hopes of men who are not satisfied or happy with their penis size. Some people have serious health conditions while they have shorter penis sizes compared to average. For this purpose, they seek alternative treatment options.

As a result, most of them try different methods that are all known as penile extenders. Besides surgery, i.e., penis enlargement operation, there are other methods such as penis pumps, Jelqing exercise, or penis enlargement capsules or pills. If you are planning to use any of them soon, then keep reading to learn more!

Do Penile Extenders Really Work?

Unfortunately, increasing the size or grid of your penis is not possible with alternative methods. It is safe to say that increasing your penis size or grid permanently is not possible. You can prefer such extenders before sexual intercourse to increase the volume of your penis.

However, the only permanent solution is penis enlargement surgery, and it is only offered for men with a micropenis condition. This is a rare condition in which the penis size is smaller than 7.5 centimeters when stretched.

Can You Directly Start Using a Penile Extender?

One thing you need to care about penile extenders is you should not use them without consulting any professional. In general, they are all safe to use and if you have no health problems, there will not be any problem.

However, consulting a professional in advance can help you to prevent any unwanted scenarios or accidents. After all, you would not want to experience any problems with your penis.

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