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Penis Enlargement Surgery Problems

Penis enlargement surgery has become a trend in recent years. People learned how to deal with their anxiety over such medical procedures when they keep witnessing before and after photos of previous penis enlargement surgery candidates. Penis enlargement surgery is generally the number one cosmetic procedure that people hesitate to undergo the most. It is actually very safe today and failure cases are notably rare. However, just like all the other cosmetic procedures in the medical world, penis enlargement surgery problems can sometimes be inevitable.

Penis enlargement surgery aims to increase the girth of your penis. A designated piece of skin is taken from one of your arm or leg and surgically connected to your skin. This procedure provides a natural increase in girth and mostly successful. However, people generally hesitate to undergo such procedures for a couple of reasons. The size of the skin taken from an arm or leg is considerably big. This big skin piece extraction definitely leaves a big scar on the body.

The appearance of the donor area after the penis enlargement procedure is very hard to be accepted by many people. Most people who underwent penis enlargement surgeries generally prefer tattoos on their donor area to cover the big surgery scar. However, the size of the scar is generally up to surgeons’ skills after all.

Penis enlargement surgery is a way more successful than penis augmentation procedures because the injected fat cells may leave a patient’s penis if he suddenly gains or loses a high amount of weight very often. A possible decrease in penis girth is very rare in penis enlargement surgery.

Penis enlargement surgery has a risk of complications. Swelling, itching, and loss of sensation are the most common penis enlargement surgery complications seen after the procedures. However, they do not present any risk to both your penis and your overall health if they do not get in severe levels.

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