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Penis Fattening Surgery

Penis fattening surgery generally refers to the cosmetic procedure ” penile augmentation “. A certain amount of fat is extracted from a candidate’s body wit the help of standard invasive liposuction. These extracted fat cells are put into a medical tank. After some time these fat cells are injected under the skin of the penis to grant it a bigger fullness.

Penile augmentation as penis fattening surgery is one of the most performed penis enlargement procedures. The reason why people prefer it too much is generally associated with the safety features of this procedure. Augmentation procedures are generally safer than other cosmetic, plastic, and aesthetic procedures in the industry.

People can be so hesitant about penis fattening surgeries because an open-surgery can be risky when it comes to speaking of the penis. Most penis enlargement complications are generally associated with the anesthetic administration. Some people are not eligible for anesthesia because of heart and overall health-related reasons.

People with serious heart conditions should stay away from medical procedures that involve general anesthesia. Those who suffer from heart irregularities should strictly stay away from surgical procedures like penis enlargement surgeries.

Penis fattening procedures like penile augmentation may not be as good as other penis enlargement procedures like the standard invasive penis girth surgery. People gain weight when the number of fat cells inside their bodies increases.

So, if penile augmentation patients lose and gain a high amount of fat in a short period of time, the penis may lose some of the fat cells under its skin. This is a common thing that can be seen in people who have irregular eating habits. It is always best to follow diet and fitness plans to keep the fat cells under the skin of your penis.

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