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Penis Skin Stretching

People are obsessed with the size of their penis, there is no doubt on that. And they are even more couraged with the mostly-fake advertisement jobs on the penis enlargement issue. There are so many people who are considered carrying a micropenis. Micropenis is not bigger than 5 inches in size. Most micropenises do not also have enough girth which is considered enough for good sex life. These people start considering some penis enlargement ways like penis skin stretching at the beginning of their adventure. They give the non-invasive penis enlargement methods a try first because nobody would want to undergo an invasive penis girth surgery as the first move.

Penis stretching exercises are the easiest penis enlargement methods in the world. They are also considered the safest and most successful invasive methods. Unless you force your penis too much by stretching, there is no way that you can hurt yourself bu executing these exercises. However, there are people who have been reported on self-injury because of poor penis stretching exercises. You can only do these exercises for 45 min a day. If you do more than 45 min every day, you may experience some complications or major tears on your skin. Your penis stretching exercise goal is to create microtears on the skin of your penis.

Is Penis Stretching Dangerous

Little microtears can easily heal themselves and the penis length is also preserved after the healing process. However, major tears which are caused by your heavy push on your penis and may result in severe complications. Major tears do not heal completely and you may need to get a repair surgery in the future. If you go too hard on your penis with the stretching job, you may also face erection problems that kill the purpose of penis enlargement already.

However, since none of these methods are invasive, you can try them forever unless you adjust the force you use on your penis. You may experience severe complications after a penis enlargement surgery. It’s rare but it’s possible.

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