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Postoperative Care of Penis Enlargement Surgeries

Penis size is important for men. It is seen as a factor affecting self-confidence during sexual intercourse. Some men don’t see the size of their penis sufficient and may prefer to have penis enlargement surgery to have a bigger penis. However, although penis enlargement surgeries are surgeries with a high success rate, some complications may develop in your body after or during the surgery. In order to prevent these complications, postoperative care becomes more important. In this article, you will find all you need to know about postoperative care.

Pain and Soreness.

Pain and soreness are the most common complications after penis enlargement surgery. To reduce your pain and soreness, you can use some painkillers. These painkillers will be a pill or cream form. You should use the prescribed painkillers. Your penis will be covered in a surgical dressing at this phase, and you should change this at intervals.

Vasaline is essential.

Vasaline has an essential place in the aftercare recovery phase. For this reason, be sure you buy a Vasaline on the way home after penis enlargement surgery. You will use Vasaline to make massage your penis on a daily basis because Vaseline helps to prevent lumps from forming on the surface and also stops the penis from becoming lop-sided.

Keep the surgical area clean.

Another essential part of the aftercare process is keeping the surgical area clean. But, you should NOT use water to keep clean your surgical area. You should cover your surgical area when you are taking a shower. Otherwise, you will get an infection from the water.

Do not miss your appointments.

Aftercare appointments are important because your surgeon will inform you what you will do after that phase. So, you need to follow your aftercare appointments and try to don’t miss them. If you had non-dissolvable stitches, then these will be taken out after 10 or 14 days after surgery at these appointments.

Avoid physical activities.

You should not exercise for about a month after penis enlargement surgery because blood vessels can swell during exercise and cause stress in sensitive areas. We do not recommend exercising until all the wounds on your penis have healed.

All in all, you should give pay attention to your penis after the penis enlargement surgery to get the best result. If you want to learn more penis enlargement surgery, you can keep reading articles on this website or fill out the form above.

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