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Swelling After Penile Augmentation

Penile augmentation procedures are actually one of the most performed penile enlargement procedures in the cosmetic surgery industry. Most men see penile augmentation procedures as simpler and safer than other penis enlargement procedures like penis girth surgery and penuma device implantation. It is true that penile augmentation is less complicated and safer than those two but it has its own complication risks. For example, swelling after penile augmentation is a common side effect that can be seen after almost every procedure.

A penile augmentation procedure is not different than any other fat augmentation procedure like Brazilian butt lift and breast augmentation. A certain amount of fat cells are extracted from marked areas on your body and injected into your penis.

The fat cells are injected in the marked areas of your penis. The surgeon should be very careful while injecting the fat cells in order to make the appearance of your penis equal.

Every penile augmentation patient should rest for a while until his wounds have completely healed. However, some patients do not want to obey their surgeons’ instructions and move their bodies too often. Some even try to have sex before the right time which is one of the most dangerous things that could be done during the early days of recovery.

If you do not want to suffer from any complications, especially like inflammation and swelling, you should limit your body actions and movements. This is the main reason for inflammation and swelling on the body after penile augmentation procedures.

You should also stay away from fatty and sugary foods for sometime because you would not want to interfere with the fat inside your penis with sudden weight-gain and weight-loss.

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