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Why Penis Enlargement Surgeries?

Penis Enlargement surgeries have become very popular lately. Let’s examine in this article why Penis Enlargement surgeries, which can be done more safely with the development of technology, are performed and who applies to these surgeries.

Some patients want to get penile enlargement surgery due to pornographic films even though their penis is of normal size. Some people may be obsessed with non-existent defects in their penis as obsessing over minor defects in different organs. For this reason, some patients may want to lengthen their penis sizes even though they have a penis with a normal length.

On the other hand, there are also patients with congenital penile curvature (hypospadias). Penile curvature also causes penile shortness. In such cases, the penis is lengthened by correcting the curvature of the penis.

There is another congenital disease that causes penile shortness. Congenital recessed penis disease also causes shortness of the penis. If the impaction is removed with surgery, the penis reaches its normal size.

After prostate cancer surgery, the anatomy of the vessels feeding the penis may degenerate, and the penis may shorten by 2 cm. At the same time, erection problems can occur. Such patients are provided with penile enlargement surgery, which we call Penile Prosthesis, to reach their normal sexual lives. Thanks to the transverse and longitudinal expansion of the Penile Prosthesis, the penis reaches both lengths and overcomes the erection problem.

Peyronie’s disease is another disease that causes a short penis. As a result of this disease, erection problems also occur. Again, the penile prosthesis provides size and treats erection problems of the patients.

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